Apply today for the Bruce & Carlene Patterson Educational Fund

The Bruce & Carlene Patterson Educational Fund was established to provide funding to individuals wishing to pursue a career in agriculture and fields related to and directly supporting agriculture or those wishing to further their education to improve their agricultural and related skills.

Unlike many scholarship funds grants from this fund are awarded based on need and their impact on the individual’s ability to improve their value to the agricultural community. The number of grants and their amounts are decided semi annually by the overseeing committee. Application closing dates are March 15th and October 15th each year. Students pursuing an education in agriculture and its related fields and people wishing to improve their knowledge of agricultural and agriculture related skills are encouraged to apply. There are no age requirements or limits.

The following list defines who is eligible for grants from this fund. All applications will be evaluated by the scholarship committee and the number of grants and their amounts will be the decision of the committee.


United States citizens and Residents of Portage County, Ohio,

EITHER High School or College students pursuing an education in agriculture or related fields, OR

Individuals employed in agriculture and related fields, wishing to improve their abilities, OR

Individuals entering farming and/or related fields wishing to further their education to support agriculture.

The application for this fund has to cover not only students but people of all ages and backgrounds. For this reason there are questions on the application that may not apply to all applicants. When filling out the application we ask that you answer as many of the questions as possible but feel free to skip any question that does not apply to you.

In addition, the governing committee may interview you to help them evaluate your needs and the impact your education will have on agriculture and your future.

We welcome your interest and encourage the pursuit of your goals. Success can be measured in many ways, wealth, knowledge, impact, your effect on the lives of others and your chosen field. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and in so doing become an asset to not only the agricultural community but our country as a whole.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to reviewing your application.

Bruce and Carelene Patterson Scholarship Application