Farm Bureau Day at the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network

On September 8, 2017, be the guest of Ohio Farm Bureau on an all expenses paid (lunch included) tour of the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network!

Tour attendees will learn about existing and new conservation practices implemented on all three farms in the network along with seeing pigs via a viewing room at one farm.  Attendees will also have access to subject matter experts who will be on hand to provide information on each conservation practice as well as hearing first-hand from the farmers themselves.  Lunch and drinks will be provided on the farms as well as an information packet providing further detail on each farm and the conservation practices presented on-farm.  The tour will be a full day of information with start and stop times varying due to travel times of attendees.

For more information on the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network visit

Contact (330) 456-4889 and RSVP by August 25, 2017!

Print flyer:  FB Days Demo Farms Invitation